Tips for Business Blogging


It is becoming the social norm for many businesses and organizations to create and maintain their own blog. It is proven that businesses with a blog gain more customers than those that do not. Not only do blogs give businesses a voice, which helps consumers feel connected to the business as an entity; but blogs work in the reverse as well. Blogs give consumers a vehicle to communicate to businesses, which can be a great advantage to marketing research.

In a recent article I read by, several important tips are given for creating a successful blog. These six steps are vital if you want to stay competitive in today’s constantly changing marketing environment. Keeping your eyes focused on your target market and reflecting that in marketing endeavors can make or break a business.

When I think of a company with a great blog, I immediately think of Pioneer Woman. Not only does this company display a broad depth of knowledge of their target market, but they accurately target this market and cater every aspect of their blog to that market. This blog follows every step listed in Entrepreneur’s article to a T.

The blog is also extremely easy to use and navigate. There’s no getting lost in endless paths to find something. There is a menu up at the top, several links and connection options at the bottom, as well as advertisement for Pioneer Woman’s partners. The blog’s look, overall content and design is professional and intriguing to the audience.

The blog for this company is updated regularly, and posts content that is both relevant and useful to Pioneer Woman’s target market. My favorite feature is the blog’s “Helpful How-To’s” section. If nothing else, this section provides a reason for even non-Pioneer Woman consumers to visit and return to the blog.

Another advantage of this blog is the colorful and vibrant media. Pictures of food and Pioneer Woman products are repeatedly laid out for blog readers to easily see. The photo quality instantly appeals to webpage visitors. Below is a snap I captured of the company’s website. Here you can see a perfect example of how Pioneer Woman tailors even the smallest detail such as font towards their target market.


In summary, creating and maintaining a blog can be a big advantage for companies today and it can be started with a few simple steps. There are many great examples of successful blogs and companies with a significant online presence. By studying these examples and your own target market, your blogs can be used to connect with consumers and improve your business’ competitive strategy.

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5 thoughts on “Tips for Business Blogging

  1. I like how you point out that blogs give both businesses a voice to communicate with comsumers, and consumers a way to communicate with businesses in an effective way. Having a voice and building a brand personality is important especially for a startup company. This can help a brand create and maintain an audience to interact with.


  2. Great job Hollie! My mom follows the Pioneer Woman blog and she got a bunch of her products for Christmas a few days ago. The Pioneer Woman is a great example of how to make a blog work. Knowing your target market is definitely key to making a successful blog. Thanks for sharing!


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