Don’t Forget About Email Marketing!

Email marketing is a great tool that many marketers and their companies are utilizing today. Not only does it allow businesses to communicate with current clients and prospects, but it also increases brand awareness and credibility with your audience.


This fun, sometimes under-estimated type of marketing is also extremely cost effective. This advantage, along with many more, make email marketing a must.

Fat Rabbit Creative, a branding and web design studio, outlines 5 key benefits of email marketing that are important to understand when considering email marketing.

1. Email Marketing is Targeted

2. Email Marketing Increases Brand Awareness

3. Email Marketing is Easily Shareable.

4. Email Marketing is Measurable

5. Email Marketing is Cost effective.

A few of these benefits I have already mentioned, but I would like to go into more depth with the ones I have not.

The first key benefit is perhaps one of the greatest of email marketing. Why? Because it gives you the ability to “control exactly who sees an email.”  Tailoring content and marketing efforts to your target market is something I have discussed before, and will no-doubt discuss again. Customizing your email content to fit the receivers guarantees that it will meet the receiver’s needs.

Email marketing is also easily shareable. It allows your content to freely be shared with an action as convenient as clicking a button. Letting your audience share your content is a great way to gain free publicity, and can more accurately increase your brands exposure and credibility.

These benefits wouldn’t mean much, however, if you could not measure it. Email marketing creates success measures that are precise and valuable. Measures of success could include concrete numbers like delivery rates, click-to-deliver rates and subscriber retention rates.

A great example of utilizing email marketing is the technology company, Cisco. HeaderImage_CiscoProductsCisco has implemented an extremely strong email marketing campaign, and requires its marketing staff to own all the key demand generation disciplines, including database marketing, campaign and email marketing, and SEO.

Utilizing a benefit I discussed earlier, Cisco uses email marketing to target its market into segments. Cisco’s marketing staff uses email marketing and SEO to selects the very best opportunities for the company to pursue. They score potential customers based on likelihood to close the deal. High-scoring prospects are deemed as auto-qualified and sent directly to sales and partners.

This has created a quick and efficient process for their team to approach potential customers as soon as possible and helped this technology company pursue success.

In summary, don’t leave email marketing on the back burner. Take advantage of this cost effective marketing tool to help you see increased success.


5 thoughts on “Don’t Forget About Email Marketing!

  1. This was a very interesting post! To be honest until I had to do my post and I really thought about it, I had never really even thought too much into email marketing. This was a really good article! Clean and well written. 🙂


  2. It is so interesting to me that businesses take the time to rate consumers/customers and their likelihood to “close the deal.” I guess I never really thought companies would really put that much time into it. I guess now with laws regulating “spam,” businesses have to be more aware of what and who they send their marketing emails to. Great blog!


  3. I liked the title of this post quite a bit. It was very engaging and interesting. I thought that the article you chose was very informative and helpful.


  4. I like the 5 benefits that you explained above. I had a couple in my post, and one that stuck out was how cost effective it is. If companies could realize this then they could save a lot of money.


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