Are You Afraid of Banner Advertising?

As a consumer, I am extremely familiar with Online Display Advertising…or what most call “Banner Advertising.”

Display Advertising is the use of ads on a website. Whether that be text, video, or audio. In the digital world we now live in, we see this type of marketing everywhere-Facebook, news websites, even on the weather page.


Despite how much contact consumers have had with Online Display Advertising, an article I recently read by HubSpot stated that 54% of users don’t click banner ads because they don’t trust them. Even with my background in marketing, I’d have to say that sometimes I feel this way too; so I can only imagine how the everyday consumer feels.

But why? What about this type of advertising has caused such distrust among consumers? HubSpot claims the answer is in a lack of understanding. This blogpost urges marketers to use Display Advertising “the right way.”

Todd McPartlin,  Digital Advertising Traffic Generation & Conversion Authority & Author, gives us 10 realistic benefits to online display advertising if done with the right approach.

  1. It completes your branding circle.
    The internet has billions of users and provides a great opportunity for business to grow. This article recommends using the internet this way in addition to other marketing campaigns in order to complete the efforts.
  2. Avoid expensive long term contracts.
    Advertising itself is expensive, but online advertising is somewhat more affordable can be as short as you want it to be. This can save you money and time.
  3. Capturing the market through remarketing/retargeting.
    With banner advertising, you can display your ad in front of the same person multiple times. If an audience member saw a previous ad, this can serve as an excellent reminder.
  4. Look like a big fish and gain trust.
    Online Display Advertising can carry a lot of credibility with it because of its association with big businesses and cost. When your target market sees consistency in your advertising you can start to gain their trust.
  5. Benefit from “Geo-targeting.”
    Online Advertising lets you tailor what is shown where. Matching your advertisements to your target market will make your marketing more precise and efficient.
  6. Entice your target by knowing their interests.
    You can use your knowledge of your audience to captivate them by using specific ads.
  7. Get the ads featured on relevant sites.
    This is another area where knowing your target market can be a great advantage. Go through channels they are already using for maximum exposure.
  8. Use complete transparency to your advantage.
    Banner Ads allow your to quantify and measure your success. This success measure can guide you to more successful practices.
  9. Take advantage of A/B split testing.
    Banner Advertising allows you to test different strategies and receive feedback from audience members that you can react to. If you are willing to listen, this can be a big advantage.
  10. Enjoy lower marketing cost.
    Small entrepreneurs with limited resources are taking advantage of Online Display Advertising. They can reach target users for a couple of dollars when compared to the vast amount of internet users.

All of these benefits can be really useful if done right. But if you are like me, you need evidence to convince you that the bad rap of Banner Advertising isn’t legitimate. That evidence can be seen in a company we have all known for years.

Pringles is an extremely well known company that was looking for a unique approach to reach its community. This business wanted their audience to stop and think about what they were advertising.

That is when Pringles came out with this banner ad:


In the first week, this banner was clicked on 300,000 times. The ad was even featured on the home pages of companies such as BuzzFeed, Fark, and Twitter Trends. The advertisers also created 97 additional frames for this ad campaign, and 20% of people who clicked on this banner ad clicked through the entire ad. This Online Display Advertising was a huge success for Proctor & Gamble.

Despite consumer hesitancy, Banner Advertising can be an extremely useful tool if done wisely. There are plenty of companies out there taking advantage of its opportunities and reaching consumers in new, creative ways.



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