Social Media Strategies for Dummies

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“If you stand for nothing, you’ll fall for anything.”

This is a quote most of us are familiar with. It can apply to the majority of our personal lives, but it can also apply to your business.

Every business needs a strategy. Whether that be a strategy for business development, how to handle clients, or for media.

Developing and maintaining a social media strategy is vital for businesses to be successful in the digital world.  It is also a relatively inexpensive way to promote your band and reach new clients.

Business 2 Community gives us 10 great tips every marketer should know when beginning your social media strategy.

#1 Know Your Business Goals
Every action you take as a marketer should point back towards your business’ goals and support what your business wants to achieve. Ask yourself, “How does my social media activity contribute to that goal?“

#2 Set SMART Goals
The goals you set for your social media should be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Based.

#3 Know Your Ideal Customer
Study your target market so you can learn which social channels to use to reach them. Avoid wasting money and/or time by using the wrong platforms.

#4 Engage Your Fans
Take time to build on the relationships you already have. Keep in mind you want to maintain and build on quality followers.

#5 Know your Competition
Make a list of your biggest competitors, then get online and see what they are doing. Watch how they engage with customers and the tone they use. This will help you know where you stand and can help you gauge your current efforts.

#6 Choose Your Channels Wisely
Managing your channels efficiently can be time consuming. Try to chose a social channel where your target market already spends a lot of time.

#7 Establish Roles
Having a marketing staff to support your marketing efforts is vital. Appoint leaders who have the proper skills and expertise to support your goal.

#8 Have a Clear, Consistent Message
Make your message specific. It needs to articulate precisely how your product or service solves a problem and show differentiation between you and your competitors.

#9 Have a Content Strategy
Content causes conversations, and conversations build trust and relationships. Quality content gives your prospects and current customers something of value.

#10 Analytics
Tracking stats and metrics is important to measure success. Understand what is working and why.

Martell Home Builders has given us a great example of what happens when you take on a successful social media strategy.


Social media gave this company the ability to communicate and sell directly to customers, without a middleman. This made prices cheaper and improved communication between the two.

Martell Home Builders excels at content creation by providing a blog that focuses on homeowner needs. According to Social Media Examiner, about 86% of their leads come directly from consumers.

This company has given us just a few examples of what social media strategies can do. In today’s constantly evolving world, the possibilities are endless. So remember these tips, and don’t be afraid to try new things.



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