Using Videos on Social Media


We just discussed Visual Storytelling, which is extremely beneficial for your business, as well as fun to take on and explore. How you implement Visual Storytelling can take many forms, but one way is to create video for your company’s social media platforms.

Lots of companies are creating videos; and now more than ever, it is made easy! With Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Youtube, and other sites at your disposal, your business can easily spread its visual storytelling with low cost.

But just because it is easy to spread and share does not mean it is easy to make. There are many careful steps we must take to ensure we are representing our brand correctly and effectively. We also want to make sure that our time and money are well spent.

I found 8 tips for making videos for making great social media videos in an article by Reelse Video Marketing.

The first tip is to publish regularly. If you want people regularly viewing your content, you need to be providing them with new and valuable information. Experiment with a video series that can be followed weekly, video follow-ups, and guest videos provided by your visitors.

The second tip is to bring high energy. Powerful, fast paced videos spread like fire through the cyber world.  Use camera angles, lights, and editing to suck viewers into an experience, not just a video.

The third tip is to teach creatively. Viewers will not remember boring videos. Putting a new twist on something or teaching in a fun or engaging way will help viewers remember you. To do this, you can use demonstrations or tutorials.

The fourth tip is to involve others. An analogy of this tip can be seen in the example this article uses: think of your social media platform as a party. A party of one can get pretty boring after awhile. Invite experts, professionals, or other people that talk about what they know and provide a unique viewpoint.

The fifth tip is to engage with viewers. If you want to maintain or increase your traffic, show your viewers you appreciate them. Follow up on emails, respond to comments, and answer questions.

The sixth tip is to Wow Viewers. Always strive to be innovative and unpredictable. Stale coverage will quickly turn viewers away, but covering something first is a great way to captivate your audience.

The seventh tip is to provide a Call to Action. Sometimes this element is easy to forget or overlook-but it is extremely important. Create a reason for your viewers to pursue. An example of this would be subscriptions, giveaways, or contests.

Lastly, the eighth tip is to Make Content Shareable. I’ve brushed on this before. Having shareable videos allows your video to be passed around for years to come.

General Electric is playfully known as “the most exciting boring brand” because of their amazing approach to social media. This brand is great at posting content that is specific to the platform they use.


GE recently implement a video campaign of “firsts.” These videos are powerful because they combine the power of GE products with the impact these products have on customers. An example of one of these videos can be seen on Youtube and I encourage you to take a few minutes to watch it.

These videos by GE have caught a lot of attention because they go beyond simply showing the brand and its products.

New Breed Marketing states, “GE’s overall social strategy along with their many small (and large) campaigns have fostered a huge community of forward-thinking and innovative individuals while truly transforming GE into a human brand. ”

What a great achievement GE has reached in its social media content. As businesses, we too, should be striving to give our audience something of value. Wouldn’t it be great for your brand to be known as a “human brand?” After all, the purpose of business it to serve others.

In the end, creating videos for social media can be a great tool in connecting with your audience and making your brand a memorable one. We can learn from GE and many other businesses how to use something as small as videos to do something big.



3 thoughts on “Using Videos on Social Media

  1. Those are all great tips! And I never would have thought that General Electric had a successful Social Media presence! Thank you for sharing!


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