Four Most Popular Social Media Platforms

There are many different social media platforms that businesses can use to post their content. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr are some of the most popular social media sites.

The average business can actually be found on all four sites! So it’s important, as a business, to have working knowledge of all four options. I found articles for each to help us focus on utilizing these great tools.

Here are some great tips for Facebook I found from Social Media Examiner.

#1: Use ActionSprout for Email Acquisition
The aim for businesses isn’t pages on Facebook, but in the NewsFeed. This is where most user interaction takes place. ActionSprout allows marketers to put acquisition action in the news feed.

#2: Boost a New Product Announcement
Boosted posts on Facebook are extremely effective. Although some may advise not to use boosted posts, that’s not to say they don’t work for many businesses! Several companies have seen great responses using this.

#3: Use Website Custom Audiences
With Website Custom Audiences, you can target people who’ve visited your website when they head back to Facebook.


#4: Power Up Your PR Efforts
Take advantage of this platform by sharing stories and position your company as a source for stories.

#5: Use Audience Insights
Optimize your content strategy by understanding your audience. Use Facebook Audience Insights to see what your viewers like and engage with.

#6: Split Test Facebook Ads
Find your perfect keywords for Facebook advertising. The article describes this step as “Split testing is just taking a portion of your advertising budget and running ads, while varying only one thing at a time and then comparing the results to see which ad performed the best.”

The next great social media platform is Twitter. What is a better source on how to use Twitter, than the company itself? Twitter gives us several great pieces of advice on how to use their site as a business.

First, listen and observe. Look and see what other businesses are doing on Twitter and take notes about what you like.

Second, Use the 80/20 rule.  80% of your Tweets should focus on causing interactions with your followers. Then you can mix in direct offers or promotions that get followers to take actions.

Third, let your personality shine. Strive for a communication style that is genuine and friendly. Wit and humor can provide entertainment value and help you connect with your audience.

Fourth, test and learn. Focus on creating quality content and establishing a regular pattern so followers know what to expect.


The third social media platform I’d like to discuss is Instagram. While not as old of a company as the two above, it is becoming a great tool for consumers and businesses alike.  Here are 5 short tips for using Instagram as a business:

1. Formulate your creative strategy.
Ask yourself what your business has to offer the people of Instagram and go for it.

2. Use relevant hashtags.
The good thing about hashtags from a business perspective is that it allows your posts to be visible to people who search for that hashtag particularly.

3. Share often, but don’t over-saturate your followers’ feeds.
The best way to go is to create a posting schedule, just like we talked about with Twitter, so your viewers know what to expect and when.

4. Make use of user-generated content.
Involve your followers to show that you appreciate them. Making posts into a competition is also a great way to generate buzz.

5. Experiment with creating images featuring your products.
Have fun showing off your products!


The last platform I want to talk about is Tumblr. Surprisingly, I feel like this is the least popular platform of the four in our area. But Tumblr is a great tool if used appropriately and can do a lot for your business!

Tumblr can be a little intimidating at first glance, which is why the first tip is to get your feet wet! If you are unnerved by Tumblr’s unconventional feel, there are lots of articles and blogposts that can help you out.

The second tip is to follow, “like” and reblog often. Listening and curating are the key to engaging your audience. This article recommends to reblog or create new posts 3 to 5 times a day!

Fourth, install Tumblr tools to make posting easy from anywhere. Bookmark Tumblr and install it on your phone to make posting quick and easy.


In the end, there are many platforms to chose from. There is nothing wrong with trying out all different ones. Find  the style and platform that works best for your business and give it all you’ve got.




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