Social Media Platforms for the Creative Minds

Besides the four social media platforms I discussed in my previous post, there are several other sites being used by consumers today. Google+, LinkedIn, Youtube, and Pinterest are great social media sites to consider for carrying out your marketing strategy.


Each of these four have their own special use for consumers that sets them apart amongst each other. As a business, it is important to understand these distinct uses in order to use them efficiently. Let’s look at them each in further detail.

Google+ is the one out of the four marketers overlook most when searching for platforms to reach consumers. Even though it appears to have “slipped through the cracks,” this article by StoreYa  marketers claims, “Google+ has over 150 million active monthly users, and 50% of its users sign on daily,” making it a perfect platform for businesses. Here are tips they mention for doing so:

1. Personalize Google Plus for Your Business
Make a profile and custom URL that helps viewers find you. Focus on showing your business’ personality.

2. Build a Relevant Community on Google
Search through to see who is already talking about your business. You can also use Google Ripples to see who is sharing your content.

3.  Post Regularly to Build an Audience and Promote Your Page
To continue to build up on your community, start posting consistently and interact with anyone who shares your content. Use hashtags and custom formatting.

4. Use Google Circles to Segment Your Audience
This is one of the most powerful aspects of Google+. It allows you to segment all of the people you follow into specific lists.

5. Take Advantage of Google Communities to Boost Your Networking
Google communities is a place for people with similar interests or the same industry. Try finding who is most influential in the community and connect with them. This will help promote your brand to potential customers.

6. Get Involved With Google Hangouts
This is a great opportunity to host free webinars, have question answer sessions, provide customer support, or explain how to use your product.

7. Use Google+ for SEO
We have already talked about the great benefits of SEO, and using Google+ gives you the ability to put these great ideas into practice!

8. Utilize Google+ Local for Local Businesses
Customers can leave ratings and reviews on your business which will provide excellent proof to potential customers. You can also boost your business in the search results.

The next social media site is one of my favorites. LinkedIn is a great professional platform for businesses to not only reach consumers, but other businesses as well. To take advantage of this great growth opportunity, here are 5 tips to use:

#1: Review and Reboot Your LinkedIn Profile… Frequently
Keep your profile fresh, relevant, and up to date. This will let your expand your visibility and drive traffic to your page.

#2: Build a Deep and Wide Network
The best way to get noticed on LinkedIn so to have a network of connections.

#3: Be Consistently Visible, Valuable and Timely
Position yourself as a resource by remaining visible, providing valuable information, and by being timely with your participation.

#4: Leverage LinkedIn Endorsements
Endorsements boost your visibility and credibility. Typically, people who you endorse will endorse you back!

#5: Participate Strategically in LinkedIn Groups
These groups are a great opportunity to build rapport with the members of your target markets and industry peers.

The next site up for discussion is one of the most popular. Youtube is a great platform for several of the marketing topics we’ve already discussed, such as visual storytelling. Businesses that have been successful on Youtube remember  4 things:

1. Keep it fresh
Providing unique content on a timely schedule will help gain and maintain subscribers.

2. It’s not about the campaign
Focus on providing real value, not a one-time effort.

3. Be true to your brand
Your videos are puzzle pieces that fit together to form your brand. Don’t get too caught up in what other people are doing if its not the right fit for your company.

4. Create a long trail
Focus on serving existing or potential customers with a video they want. Don’t only focus on the audience members that you think provide the biggest money opportunity.

Lastly, is Pinterest. This site is great for creative minds and determined DIY individuals. Having high visibility on Pinterest, as a business, is extremely important but challenging. There are 8 ways we can do this effectively:

#1: Longer, Optimized Descriptions
Try to optimize your post’s description by fitting it with keywords.

#2: Create Group Boards
This is a great way to grow your audience and does not compare to many other options from different social media sites.

#3: Be A Part Of Group Boards
Being part of different group boards exposes your brand to thousands of viewers overnight. Talk about a marketing dream come true!

#4: Pin Your Blog Post
Your goal should be to create a relationship between you and your viewers. By leading them to your blog, they get to see a different side of you and your business.

#5: Repin The Most Successful Stuff
This is an easy way to gain attention from potential followers.

#6: Lead People To Your Landing Page
Create an email list that leads people to your page.

#7: Go Beyond Your Niche
Go into your hobbies and other interests so that your followers can get a better picture of who you are.

#8: Pictures Are Key
Appealing pictures are what encourage people to read the post. Use other resources to customize your photos and add relevant titles.

Taking these four media sites in compilation  with the ones from my previous post, you can really see the uniqueness of each and the different purposes they serve. While they can all be used efficiently, some might be more applicable to your business than others. So research the different personality of these sites and their followers to find the best fit for you.



2 thoughts on “Social Media Platforms for the Creative Minds

  1. I really really like your picture at the end haha…I feel like I can relate to at least 80% of those which I don’t know if that is a good thing…regardless or not very good informative post as per usual!


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